Osama and His Friends

April 25, 2006

This past Sunday, The Washington Post identified eight world leaders who seek tyranny and terror upon their own citizens as well as those of the world. They are as follows: Former President Charles Taylor from Liberia, President Hugo Chavez from Venezuela, President Alexander Lukashenko from Belarus, President Saparmurat Niyazov from Turkmenistan, President Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe, President Evo Morales from Bolivia, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from Islamic Republic of Iran, and Chairman of National Defence Commission Kim Jong II from Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, Supreme Commander of the People’s Armed Forces, and General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Click here for The Washington Post article “Old States, New Threats.”

In addition, declarations from Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi providing inspirational calls to their followers for action against the west, particularly the United States, were issued this week. Amongst this backdrop, the country of Iran heightened the tension upon itself from the international community by giving hope to all those mentioned above who wish to acquire nuclear technology.

Today according to Reuters News Service, Iran has confirmed that they have received a first shipment of missiles from North Korea that are capable of reaching Europe.

Secondly, Ali Larijani, Iran’s national security chief, declared that “The nuclear capability of Iranian scientists is one example of the numerous scientific movements in the country, and the Islamic republic is ready to transfer this experience and the technology and knowledge of its scientists”

We at MDAA concur with our Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as she stated in response to Iran’s statements “We understand that Iran is not Iraq. This is a very different situation and we believe that the diplomatic course and the many, many tools that we have on the diplomatic side will ultimately succeed.”

Click here for The Washington Post article “Iran Raises The Stakes in Nuclear Dispute”

Missile Defense is clearly one of those many tools that will be brought to bear by our government as well as a deployed defense for our people against those that will acquire nuclear technology for uses of terror.

We stand strong and committed as we continue to reflect our country’s diverse population in their need and demand for protection. Opportunity arose this month to brief our fellow citizens, students and community leaders in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado with Lt. General “Trey” Obering.

Bi-partisan support for missile defense from the citizens of this state is reflected by the votes on record of the two United States Senators from Colorado – Democratic Senator Ken Salazar and Republican Senator Wayne Allard. This is a testament to the voice of a diverse, growing population from an interior state and reflects our polling data across the country.

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