The Honorable Order of Saint Barbara

December 09, 2011

Dear Members and Friends,


It is a humbling and distinguished honor that was bestowed on behalf of our mission, our advocacy, and our recognition and support of United States Air Defense Artillery soldiers in bases around the world: The Honorable Order of Saint Barbara presented by Brigadier General James Dickinson, Commander of the 94th Air and Missile Defense Command, and awarded by Brigadier General Dan Karbler, Commandant of the Air Defense Artillery School.


“Be it remembered that the hereafter mentioned individual has been inspected and passed on by Ourself and Our Loyal Staff and be it known by all ye soldiers of the Artillery who may be honored by his presence that Mr. Riki Ellison having been tried and found worthy to be named as one of our trusty members has been gathered to our fold and duly initiated into the solemn mysteries of this traditional brotherhood of Stonehurlers, Archers, Catapulters, Rocketeers, and Gunners.”


The Honorable Order of Saint Barbara is named after Saint Barbara, the Patron Saint of Artillery Firemen, and is an honorary military society of the United States Artillery that includes the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines. The Order links artilleryman of the past and present in a brotherhood of professionalism, selfless service, and sacrifice symbolized by Saint Barbara.


Saint Barbara lived and died about the year 300 A.D.  She was venerated as early as the seventh century.  The legend of the lightning bolt which struck down her persecutor caused her to be regarded as the Patron Saint in times of danger from thunderstorms, fires, and sudden death.  When gunpowder made its appearance in the Western world, Saint Barbara was invoked for aid against accidents resulting from explosions-since some of the earlier artillery pieces often blew up instead of firing their projectile, Saint Barbara become the patroness of the artillerymen. The feast of Saint Barbara falls on December 4th and is often recognized by a military dinner and presentation of the Order of Saint Barbara.


The multitude of efforts over the years by all of our members and friends in supporting missile defense and our military throughout our nation and in forward operating bases around the globe culminates in receiving and accepting on their behalf the Honorable Order of Saint Barbara.

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