The European Public

September 07, 2005

Dear Members and Friends,

Today, MDAA with the George C. Marshall Center for Security Studies, located in Garmisch, Germany, released the results of the first ever survey of the European public views on missile defense. The poll was conducted in nine countries- France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland and the United Kingdom.

The results are surprising to those here in Europe and the United States. MDAA presented the findings to the International Missile Defense Conference in Rome, Italy earlier this week. The hard data and the poll’s credibility have stimulated debate amongst European leaders as they now address the public’s opinion on missile defense.

It is clear that a missile defense system, provided by NATO, is supported by the European public as a whole, a region and as individual countries.

Public opinion from the upper reaches of the northern Pacific Ocean through out the United States and across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe support Missile Defense.

MDAA and your efforts are working towards making our world a safer place for all.

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