Fort Greely Ground Based Defense System

August 5, 2004

(7/28/04) On behalf of our purpose to represent the American public’s position on missile defense and representing our Alliance, MDAA engaged, listened, advocated and had presence at the Democratic convention with delegates, Democratic leaders and on the floor.

The Democratic National Security platform for the 2004 John Kerry/John Edwards Presidential campaign was unveiled:

Protection of the Homeland
International cooperation and participation for the war on terrorism
Use of United States force as last resort

These three priorities were consistently presented on Democratic National Security day…
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– Read statements made by Kerry and Edwards on missile defense
– View Kerry’s and Edwards’ voting record on defense legislation

Ellison Congratulates the Installation of the First Ground-based Missile Interceptor at Fort Greely, Alaska

(7/23/04) Riki Ellison, MDAA…As the 911 report so clearly stated the threats to America’s public safety are real and the United States must take decisive action to protect itself in the months and years to come. Toward that end, on behalf of the American public who overwhelmingly support missile defense, we recognize and congratulate the delivery and installation of the first defensive missile placed in a silo at Fort Greely, Alaska. This defensive missile is a critical first step in establishing a defensive system that will have the capability of protecting our entire country from a ballistic missile attack.

MDAA Participates in Ceremony Marking Completion of Construction

On July 3rd, 2004, MDAA was honored to be invited to the dedication of the Missile Defense Site Ceremony, in Fort Greely Alaska by Major General John Holly. This ceremony marked the construction completion of our nation’s first ground-based, mid-course defense missile system. On behalf of the MDAA, we were able to represent the overwhelming support of American Public and the Alliance for Missile Defense.

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