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August 12, 2008

Dear Members and Friends,

The American public has spoken overwhelmingly in support of missile defense. According to a national poll released today by MDAA, 87% of Americans believe that the United States should have a missile defense system. This is the highest percentage of support ever recorded in the history of missile defense.

The poll also showed that 58% of Americans believe that there is a real threat from missiles carrying weapons of mass destruction and that missile defense is the preferred option over pre-emptive military action or diplomatic efforts for dealing with the proliferation of missiles and weapons of mass destruction by nation states.

It further displayed that 71% of Americans support the deployment of U.S. Missile Defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic, 84%believe that U.S. Missile Defense systems protect US Troops overseas and 65%believe it should protect America’s Allies as well.

In addition, 78% of the American public believes in the importance of the presidential candidates addressing the issue of missile defense.

The poll was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation with a 3% plus or minus margin of error. Opinion Research Corporation partners with CNN on public opinion polls. Complete Poll Results of this poll can be viewed at www.missiledefenseadvoacy.org.

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