Defender of the Month

From 2010 to late 2012, MDAA recognized and honored a member of the United States Armed Forces who is deployed on a U.S Missile Defense System.   These select individuals represented the best in leadership, effort and sacrifice by demonstrating their commitment to excellence in their role in missile defense. They are an inspiration to their peers and commanding officers.

The purpose of this award was to recognize exceptional individuals responsible in their role of defending our homeland, armed forces, and allies. This recognition also helped to educate the American public on the critical role our Armed Services play in defending our national security.

Defenders of the Month were recommended by their peers and commanding officers of the United States Armed Forces and then selected by the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance. The monthly selection culminated with the annual Defender of the Year selected by the public and awarded in January of each year.


Honorees were recognized before their peers in an induction ceremony, announced to MDAA’s 14,000 members and national press, featured on the MDAA website, and received a commemorative plaque, lapel pin and membership coin.


  • The individual had to be a member of the U.S. Armed Forces (Active Duty, Guard or Reserve) deployed on an Army, Navy or Air Force Missile Defense System or testing platform.
  • The individual’s assigned duties had to be directly connected to manning or supporting an operational Missile Defense System or Sensor. (Examples: PATRIOT, THADD, GBI, Aegis, land- and sea-based sensors, battle management systems, etc.)

Defenders of the Year