Airman First Class Garrett Tully, United States Air Force

2022 U.S. Missile Defender of the Year

A1C Garrett F. Tully is an Air Tasking Order Production Technician for the 603rd Air Operation Center, Ramstein Air Base, Germany as of November 2022. His previous duty was a Tactical Datalink Manager for the Joint Interface Control Cell. He was the primary datalink maintainer in charge of ensuring situational awareness to US Forces and Allied nations across EUCOM, AFRICOM and the United States. Additionally, A1C Tully provides command and control data to various ballistic missile defense locations that require data to successfully track and destroy potential missiles and hostile aircraft that are threats to US Forces and our Allies.

A1C Tully enlisted in the United States Air Force on 04 May 2021. Upon completion of Basic Military Training, he attended technical training at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi and graduated as a Command and Control Battle Management Operation apprentice. Upon completion of technical training, he was assigned to the 603rd Air Operations Center, Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

A1C Tully is nominated for the DOY award because he excelled among his peers by creating and implementing the twenty-four-hour coverage schedule as the AOC began crisis management operations in response to Russian aggression toward Ukraine. As Russian troops streamed across the Ukrainian border, A1C Tully manned the watch position coordinating with Joint Fires units across the “Eastern Flank” to enable data sharing and critical targeting between Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft and FCUs. These efforts resulted in over two-hundred tracks of interest and a complete air domain awareness picture for the AOC’s Senior Air Defense Officer.

Airman Tully managed the extremely complex hub of US and NATO alliance systems in the AOC, totaling over fifty-four unique data pathways across four domains and five physical terminals. As TDC, he executed troubleshooting techniques to restore information flow to US Army assets critical to the IAMD mission inherent to the Eastern Flank. Primarily coordinating through US Army Europe (USAREUR) and its subordinate units, A1C Tully managed to facilitate over ninety-five percent network uptime leading to non-stop missile defense coverage for NATO Allies.

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