Senator Dianne Feinstein 1933 – 2023

She had heart, She had love, She had Sincerity, She had Patriotism

She gleamed with boundless energy on her city of San Francisco, her state of California and her nation of America.

As the Mayor of San Francisco, she led change and brought the City to its Golden Era.

Golden Bridging the diversity and championing champions of the Bay Area that included Silicon Valley and her Super Bowl Champions. The victory parades up Market Street with close to a million of San Franciscans was forever a Cinderella moment that became a queen as she propelled to be the United States Senator.

We had treasured engagements over the decades that began on the Market Street and went to the heights of Sir Edmund Hillary with her husband, PTSD of our combat soldiers and to the deployment of our Missile Defense in the State of California.

She was a great woman with great energy and charisma, you wanted to be around her.

To be in moments of her lead singing of patriotic songs daily made emotion for the love of the nation and respect for patriotism which brought tingling.

This Land is your land, This Land is my Land
From California to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters
This land was made for you and me.

She left her heart in San Francisco.

God Bless her