Major General John G. Rossi 1961-2016

Major General John G. Rossi 
 Major General John G. Rossi
Commanding General of the U.S. Army Fires Center of Excellence

One of our very best of the best people in this world exemplifying greatness in compassion, leadership, character, loyalty, family and love of duty, country and honor has passed. 

He was second to none 

An Exceptional Man amongst Men
An Inspirational Human Being amongst the Human Race
An Compassionate Spirit amongst the souls of Humanity 
An Immovable Force amongst ethics, values and character 
An Passionate Protector amongst family, soldiers, friends 
An Courageous Leader amongst the United States Military 

He has saved lives, he has shaped lives.

He was gifted and blessed to make our world, our nation, our communities, our military better 

He was chosen to lead to change culture and was exceptional in critical complex environments of Fort Hood, Korea, Iraq, Centcom, FIRES. 

He was truly remarkable in his humanness, compassion, care and personal touch of the wounded warriors.

A charismatic leader by action, by words and by example as he is looked up to, followed, revered and loved for his authenticity, his realness, his courage, his loyalty and his life. 

A New Yorker to the core, who loved his NY Giants, his Italian hertiage, his espresso and could tell war stories like no other that riveted attention with detail and laughter.

He loved his family, his wife, his children and is loved by them.

This world, our nation, our military has lost an exceptional leader, man, husband, father and friend.

Major General Promotable John Rossi was scheduled to take command of the United States Highest Missile Defense Command in the United States this week. 

He is and will remain a legend to be exemplified, followed as he will by his sons and daughters and all that have been lead by him.

His enduring spirit will forever inspire and burn in our hearts.

“We Fight Tonight” 

God bless Liz and the Rossi Family and God’s grace upon them.

Rest in Peace

Major General John G. Rossi 
1961 – 2016

Riki Ellison