(Representative Don Young at the 2014 Inaugural Alaska Missile Defender of the Year Ceremony, Anchorage, AK)

Congressman Don Young 1933-2022

A Warrior, A Hunter, A Leader, A Believer

A Man that has Seen it all, Heard it all, and Led through it all

49 years of service to the American public and the State of Alaska

Spanning 10 United States Presidents from his first President Nixon to his last President Biden

He stood strong as the Pioneer in every breath and being

He was the Last of the Great Alaskans that welded and embraced the last American frontier.

He was the original and soul champion of the defense of our nation from the North

He championed our operational deployment of Missile Defense for the United States Homeland in Alaska to defend all 50 States and all 300 million people.

His world championship life for the United States is in place today defending and deterring the missile threats from our adversaries.

We have honored him throughout his champion life in his leadership of Missile Defense with the recognition of the Alaska National Guard Soldiers and Airmen in Alaska annually.

He is an American idol.

God bless his soul and his family

Grace upon him



Curtis Stiles - Chief of Staff