Dr. William Van Cleave

Dr. William Van Cleave 1935-2013

A Marine forever,

A courageous leader who stood unafraid and imposed intellectual logic.

A shaper who influenced the generations of our nation and the national security policies of the United States of America.

A shepherd to so many and a father to many more.

He was a fighter of conviction against the odds and he won with intellectual reasoning, passion, and articulation.

From the heartland of America, he was the salt of the earth that became the stiff backbone of this great country.

He remains a great man, for men like Dr. Van Cleave stay with us.

From generation to generation he was a living part, and a living testament to those who shaped our great nation into what it is today.

Dr. William Van Cleave’s singular and collective fight, with all of his energy, momentum, and influence against the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, to the final orchestration and his ultimate influence of the United States’ withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, in 2002, is amongst his greatest achievements that have impacted our nation’s national security. For that he will forever be remembered.

However, it is his kindness, his heart, his love, his compassion, his wisdom, his character, his family, and his joy of life that will be most missed most and most remembered.

God be with him and bless him and his daughter Cynthia, his family in California and Missouri, his friends, and students throughout the world that love him so much.

May his legacy inspire through the generations.

Peace be with you.

Fight On, Bill!