Lieutenant General Thomas S. Vandal 1959-2018

Lieutenant General Thomas S. Vandal 


Lieutenant General Vandal awarding a Solider at MDAA’s 2017 Peninsula Missile Defender of the Year Event on November 29, 2017 in Seoul, Korea


Commanding General, U.S. 8th Army
Chief of Staff, R.O.K-U.S. Combined Forces Command

A soldier’s general, a man with intensity in vision and in life.

Strong from the inside out and from the outside in.

Courage to lead the U.S. 8th Army with our Forces in Korea and with the Korean Forces in Korea.

Leadership at the right time under extreme pressure to make 80 million on the Peninsula safer than they have ever been.

Implemented the deployment of the United States THAAD Battery in Korea and led the Patriot MSE Post Deployment Build-8 (PDB-8) upgrade on the Peninsula.

He made impact to make our world a safer place.

His impact is way beyond his military career to those that he touched and loved throughout his life will continue.

We will dearly miss his fire of determination and his unbound heart to do good.

A man of his word and a man of his action.

A Power Lifter.

Our prayers to his family, friends, and soldiers.

God Bless him as he was gifted to lead.


Lieutenant General Thomas S. Vandal
1959 – 2018


Riki Ellison