Congressional Roundtable Discussion Series

Congressional Roundtable Events 2019

November 2019: Multi-Domain Command & Control for Integrated Air & Missile Defense

September 2019: The Status of Missile Defense for U.S. National Security

January 2019: The Missile Defense Review: Expanding the Mission of Missile Defense

Congressional Roundtable Events 2018

September 2018: Space-Based Missile Defense

July 2018: Missile Defense C2 in a Cross Domain Environment

May 2018: New Layers

Congressional Roundtable Events 2017

December 2017: Layered Missile Defense Against North Korea

November 2017: Boost Phase Missile Defense

September 2017: Defending Against the North Korean Ballistic Missile Threat

April 2017: Air Defense for the U.S. Army and Europe

March 2017: Cooperating with Japan on Missile Defense

February 2017: The Navy’s Contribution to Ballistic Missile Defense

Congressional Roundtable Events 2016

December 2016: Developing A Space-based Sensor Layer for Missile Defense


June 2016: Addressing the Air and Ballistic Missile Threat to Europe


April 2016: Addressing the North Korean Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States

 North Korea CRT Invite (1)

Congressional Roundtable Events 2015

December 2015: Missile Defense in the Pacific


October 2015: The Impact of Budget Uncertainty on Missile Defense Programs


September 2015: Arabian Gulf Missile Defense in an Evolving Middle East


July 2015: Future Ballistic Missile Defense Systems


May 2015: Missile Defense in Europe


March 2015: Missile Defense Sensors


February 2015: Homeland Missile Defense


Congressional Roundtable Events 2014

September 2014: An Operational Perspective on Regional and Global Missile Defense


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