(Left to right) Colonel Mark Holler, Rear Admiral (ret) Mark Montgomery, Rear Admiral Johnny Wolfe, and Riki Ellison on September 20, 2017.

Congressional Roundtable Discussion Series

Congressional Roundtable Events 2021

October 2021: Air to Air Missile Defense

September 2021: Defensive Fires in Afghanistan

June 2021: Missile Defense in Great Power Competition

May 2021: Live and Under Fire

Congressional Roundtable Events 2020

September 2020: Virtual CRT: Indo-Pacific Challenges Driving Missile Defense Solutions

June 2020: Virtual CRT: Global Missile Defense Responsibilities

June 2020: Virtual CRT: The Space Layer: Hypersonic and Ballistic Missile Tracking Space Satellites

May 2020: Virtual CRT: The Future of Command and Control

April 2020: Virtual CRT: The Missile Defense Review: One Year Reflection and Outlook to the Future

Congressional Roundtable Events 2019

November 2019: Multi-Domain Command & Control for Integrated Air & Missile Defense

September 2019: The Status of Missile Defense for U.S. National Security

January 2019: The Missile Defense Review: Expanding the Mission of Missile Defense

Congressional Roundtable Events 2018

September 2018: Space-Based Missile Defense

July 2018: Missile Defense C2 in a Cross Domain Environment

May 2018: New Layers

Congressional Roundtable Events 2017

December 2017: Layered Missile Defense Against North Korea

November 2017: Boost Phase Missile Defense

September 2017: Defending Against the North Korean Ballistic Missile Threat

April 2017: Air Defense for the U.S. Army and Europe

March 2017: Cooperating with Japan on Missile Defense

February 2017: The Navy’s Contribution to Ballistic Missile Defense

Congressional Roundtable Events 2016

December 2016: Developing A Space-based Sensor Layer for Missile Defense


June 2016: Addressing the Air and Ballistic Missile Threat to Europe


April 2016: Addressing the North Korean Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States

 North Korea CRT Invite (1)

Congressional Roundtable Events 2015

December 2015: Missile Defense in the Pacific


October 2015: The Impact of Budget Uncertainty on Missile Defense Programs


September 2015: Arabian Gulf Missile Defense in an Evolving Middle East


July 2015: Future Ballistic Missile Defense Systems


May 2015: Missile Defense in Europe


March 2015: Missile Defense Sensors


February 2015: Homeland Missile Defense


Congressional Roundtable Events 2014

September 2014: An Operational Perspective on Regional and Global Missile Defense



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