Henry A. Kissinger, photo from The US National Archives

Henry A. Kissinger 1923-2023

His unmatched intellect, his influence and guidance of the most powerful leaders in the world produced an era of nuclear deterrence with stability in the world order preventing world wars, prospering the western world, opening relations with China and leading the American Super Power in superior statesmanship. 

His strategic expertise and diplomatic finesse guided the nation through pivotal moments, shaping foreign policy during critical junctures with a second-to-none understanding of global dynamics.

His strategic insights influencing significant policy decisions consistently over time that delicately balanced nuclear deterrence and missile defense with diplomacy 

His navigating the complexities of the Vietnam War to bring closure, negotiating détente with the Soviet Union, settling Israel, Palestine and the Middle East instability, opening channels with China, Dr. Kissinger consistently demonstrated an innate successful ability to grapple with the world’s and our nation’s most complex foreign policy challenges and intricacies. 

His enduring legacy is forever embedded in American foreign policy and global statesmanship.