Allied Air Defense Systems

November 02, 2018
Air Defense System Country of Origin
Number of Systems Deployed Targets
Crotale Next Generation France Approx. 54 Total Deployed Between Finland, France, and Greece Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Attack Helicopters, Cruise Missiles, and Tactical Ballistic Missiles
Principal Anti-Air Missile System (PAAMS) France Deployed on 6 Type 42 Destroyers, 2 French Horizon-Class Frigates, and 2 Italian Horizon-Class Frigates Tactical Ballistic Missiles, Cruise Missiles, Combat Aircraft, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Mistral Missile System France Unknown Supersonic Aircraft
VL Mica France Unknown
Roland France & Germany 640+ Systems in more than 10 Nations Air Threats at Extremely Low-to-Medium Altitudes
Skyshield 35 Germany 2 Operational Systems Ballistic Missiles, Unmanned Air Vehicles, and Other Small Aircraft
LeFlaSys Germany Unknown Fixed-Wing and Rotary-Wing Aircraft
Skyguard Germany Unknown
Gepard Germany 570 Systems Helicopters and Low-Flying Aircraft
Rheinmetall Twin AA Gun MK Germany Unknown
Goalkeeper CIWS Germany Unknown Highly Maneuverable Missiles, Aircraft, and Fast Maneuvering Surface Vessels
Rapier Field Standard C (FSC) United Kingdom Five Batteries Supersonic, Low-Altitude, High-Maneuverability Aircraft
Stormer High Velocity Missile (HVM) United Kingdom Unknown Attack Helicopters and Low-Flying Aircraft
Starstreak Missile System United Kingdom 3 Batteries of 36 Systems Each Fast Moving Aircraft
Sea Ceptor United Kingdom Deployed on 1 Type 23 Frigate in the UK Royal Navy Combat Aircraft and Supersonic Anti-Ship Missiles
Enhanced Modular Air Defense Solutions (EMADS) United Kingdom Unknown Supersonic Combat Aircraft and Missiles
Sky Sabre United Kingdom
Blowpipe United Kingdom Unknown Fast, Low-Flying Aircraft
CA-95 Romania Unknown Low-Altitude Aircraft
M53/59 Praga Czech Republic Unknown Low-Speed Aircraft
Grom Missile System Poland Around 400 Launchers and 2000 Missiles Low-Flying Helicopters and Airplanes
SAMP/T Turkey, France, and Italy Approx. 15 Total Deployed Between France and Italy Tactical Ballistic Missiles, Cruise Missiles, Combat Aircraft, and Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (UCAVs)
Sea Zenith CIWS Turkey Three Systems Deployed Aboard Each Barbaros-Class Frigate (12 Total) Anti-Ship Missiles, Precision Guided Weapons, Fixed/Rotary Wing Aircraft, Ships, Coastal Targets, and Floating Mines
Korkut Turkey 40 Weapon System Vehicles and 13 Command and Control Vehicles Air-to-Ground Missiles, Cruise Missiles, UAVs, Helicopters, and Fighter Aircraft
Spada 2000 Spain Four Batteries Low-Flying Airborne Threats, Fighter and Bomber Aircraft, Cruise Missiles, Helicopters, and UAVs
Meroka CIWS Spain Deployed Aboard Five Alvero de Bazan-Class Aegis Frigates Anti-Ship Missiles, Aircraft, and other Precision Guided Weapons
Robot System 70 (RBS 70) Sweden Unknown Combat Aircraft, Cruise Missiles, and UAVs
40 mm L/70 Sweden Unknown
Velos Switzerland Unknown
Artemis 30 Greece 38 Systems in the Hellenic Air Force, 5 in the Hellenic Navy Low-Altitude Aircraft
Type 03 Japan Unknown Cruise Missiles, Fighter Jets, and Helicopters
Type 81 Japan Unknown Low-Altitude Aircraft
Type 93 Japan Unknown Low-Altitude Aircraft
Type 11 Japan Unknown
KM-SAM South Korea Unknown Ballistic Missiles and Aircraft
K-SAM Pegasus South Korea Over 100 Airborne Threats and Low-Flying Targets at Very Short Ranges
Chiron Missile System South Korea Over 2000 Fixed/Rotary-Wing Aircraft, Helicopters, UAVs, and Cruise Missiles
Tien-Kung (Sky Bow) Taiwan Unknown Fighter Aircraft, Short-Range Tactical Ballistic Missiles, and Cruise Missiles
The Antelope Taiwan Unknown Helicopters, Bombers, and Fighters
Sea Oryx Taiwan Unknown Anti-Ship Missiles, Helicopters, and Low Flying Fixed-Wing Aircraft
Tien Chien-2N (TC-2N) Taiwan Unknown Anti-Ship Missiles and Air-Threats
Surface-to-Air Python and Derby (SPYDER) Israel Unknown Aircraft, Helicopters, UAVs, Drones, and Precision-Guided Munitions
Iron Dome Israel 10 Batteries Deployed Short-range rocket, artillery, and mortars
Barak 8 Israel Unknown Fighter Aircraft, Maritime Patrolling Aircraft, Helicopters, and Sea Skimming Missiles
Iron Beam Israel None; In Development Rockets, Artillery, Mortars, and UAVs


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