Allied Air Defense Systems

Air Defense System Number of Systems Deployed  Targets
Crotale Next Generation (France) Approx. 54 total deployed between Finland, France, and Greece Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Attack Helicopters, Cruise Missiles, and Tactical Missiles
Principal Anti-Air Missile System (PAAMS) (France) Deployed on 6 Type 42 destroyers, 2 French Horizon-class frigates, and 2 Italian Horizon-class frigates Tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, combat aircraft, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)  
Mistral Missile System (France) Unknown Supersonic Aircraft
Skyshield 35 (Germany) 2 Operational Systems Ballistic Missiles, Unmanned Air Vehicles, and Other Small Aircraft  
LeFlaSys (Germany) Unknown Fixed-Wing and Rotary-Wing Aircraft  
Rapier Field Standard C, FSC (UK) Five Batteries Supersonic, Low-Altitude, High-Maneuverability Aircraft  
Stormer High Velocity Missile (HVM) (UK) Unknown Attack Helicopters and Low-Flying Aircraft
Starstreak Missile System (UK) 3 Batteries of 36 Systems Each Fast Moving Aircraft
Sea Wolf (UK) Deployed on 13 Type 23 Frigates in the UK Royal Navy Sea-Skimming and High-Angle Anti-Ship Missiles and Aircraft
CA-95 (Romania) Unknown Low-Altitude Aircraft
Grom Missile System (Poland) Around 400 launchers and 2000 Missiles Low-Flying Helicopters and Airplanes
S-400 (Planned in Turkey) Deployed to an estimated 20 Battalions in Russia Cruise Missiles, Stealth Aircraft, Drones and Medium Range Ballistic Missiles
SAMP/T (Turkey, France, Italy) Approx. 15 total deployed between France and Italy Tactical Ballistic Missiles, Cruise Missiles, Combat Aircraft, and Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (UCAVs)
Sea Zenith CIWS (Turkey) Three systems deployed aboard each of the four Barbaros-class frigates (12 total) Anti-Ship Missiles, Precision Guided Weapons, Fixed/Rotary Wing Aircraft, Ships, Coastal Targets, and Floating Mines
Spada 2000 (Italy) Four Batteries Low-Flying Airborne Threats, Fighter and Bomber Aircraft, Cruise Missiles, Helicopters, and UAVs
Tor-M1 (Greece) Unknown Airplanes, Helicopters, Cruise Missiles, Precision Guided Munitions, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Short-Range Ballistic Threats
S-300 800 Systems Cruise Missiles, Low-Flying Aircraft, and Short-Range Ballistic Missile
Type 03 (Japan) Unknown Cruise Missiles, Fighter Jets, and Helicopters
Type 81 (Japan) Unknown Low-Altitude Aircraft
Type 93 (Japan) Unknown Low-Altitude Aircraft
Type 11 (Japan)
KM-SAM (South Korea) Unknown Ballistic Missiles and Aircraft
K-SAM Pegasus (South Korea) Over 100 Airborne Threats and Low Flying Targets at Very Short Ranges
Chiron Missile System (South Korea) Over 2000 Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Rotary-Wing Aircraft, Helicopters, UAVs, and Cruise Missiles


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