Tien Chien-2N (TC-2N)

- , September 18, 2018

Quick Facts

Variants N/A
Role and Mobility Medium-Range Air Defense System; Ship-Based
Interceptors and Range  Tien Chien-2 Missile; 100 km
Sensors Active Radar
Targets Anti-Ship Missiles and Air-Threats
Status/Exports Completed Development, Ready for Production; None
Designer/Producer National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST)


The Tien Chien-2N is a medium-range air defense system developed for the Taiwanese Navy. The system uses a variant of the Tien Chien-2 missile with an improved active radar seeker and with the addition of a booster and a thrust vector controller (TVC).[i]The missile can be launched from an incline or vertically and has all-weather and multi-target capabilities.[ii]A folded wing design minimizes the volume of the missile and maximizes the number of ready-fire missiles onboard ships.[iii]

Strategic Implications

Taiwan developed the TC-2N to fill a gap in its ship-based air defenses between the SM-2 and Phalanx CIWS systems. It is valuable in scenarios requiring a fast response and a high fire power capability. Its extended range allows ships to intercept anti-ship missiles and other threats farther away where they pose lower risks.


August 13-16, 2015: TC-2N is shown at the Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition.[iv]

2014: A TC-2N missile is successfully fired from a Taiwan Navy frigate and intercepted a drone representing an anti-ship missile.[v]

2006: Development of the vertical launch system for the TC-2N is finished.

1997: A successful live firing test of a TC-2N to intercept a low-flying drone.

 1994: Primary development of the TC-2N begins.[vi]

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