Marine Air Defense Integrated System (MADIS)

Facts Mobility Highly mobile, Mounted atop a 4×4 Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) Targets UAVs, low-flying, high-speed fixed-winged aircraft, and

Barak 8

Quick Facts Variants LRSAM MRSAM Barak MX Role and Mobility Medium-range surface to air missile system; Road and Ship Mobile


Quick Facts Variants Roland I Roland II Roland III MIM-115A Roland CAROL Role and Mobility Short-Range Air Defense; Road-Mobile Interceptors

Spada 2000

Quick Facts Variants N/A Role and Mobility Low-to-Medium Altitude Air Defense; Road-Mobile Interceptors and Range Aspide 2000 Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM)

Rapier Field Standard C (FSC)

Quick Facts Variants Rapier Field Standard A Rapier Field Standard B Rapier 90 Role and Mobility Low-Medium Altitude Air Defense;

Crotale Next Generation (NG)

Quick Facts Variants R440 Crotale HQ-7 (Chinese Variant) R460 SICA (Shahine) Crotale NG Crotale Mk.3 Role and Mobility Short-Range Air

Iron Beam

Quick Facts Variants None Role and Mobility Short-Range Laser Air Defense; Road-Mobile Interceptors and Range High Energy Laser; 7 km


Quick Facts Variants Korkut Korkut-D Role and Mobility Self-Propelled Air Defense Gun; Land-Mobile Interceptors and Range 35 mm Twin Cannon:

Surface to-Air-Python and Derby (SPYDER)

Quick Facts Variants SPYDER-SR SPYDER-MR Role and Mobility Short/Medium Range Surface to Air Missile System; Road-Mobile Interceptors and Range Python