Barak 8

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Barak MX

Role and Mobility Medium-range surface to air missile system; Road and Ship Mobile
Interceptors and Range Barak 8: 100 km Barak 8ER: 150 km

Multi-Function Surveillance Track and Guidance Radars

Barak 8 Radar

Targets Fighter Aircraft, Maritime Patrolling Aircraft, Helicopters, and Sea Skimming Missiles
Status/Exports Operational; Israel, India, and Azerbaijan
Designer/Producer Israel Aerospace Industries, and Defence Research and Development Organisation; Rafael Advanced Defense Systems


The Barak 8 Air and Missile Defense system (Barak 8), also known as the LRSAM, is a medium-range ship-borne air defense system. The system includes a battle management, command, control, communication, and intelligence center (BMC4I); vertical launch system with Barak 8 interceptors, and a multi-function surveillance, track and guidance radar.[i]It can fire Barak 8 or Barak 8ER interceptors for a 360-degree defense against a variety of airborne threats.[ii]

There are three variants of the Barak 8 system:

Barak 8 AMD/LRSAM: The original naval air defense system designed for the Israeli Navy and for foreign sales.

MRSAM: A medium-range, land-based variant of the Barak AMD system. The system is comprised of a command and control system, a tracking radar, and mobile launcher systems.[iii]

Barak MX: A modular variant of the Barak AMD system with a flexible configuration for both naval and land use.[iv]

Strategic Implications

The Barak 8 is strategically valuable for both naval and land air defense purposes. It has all-weather and day/night capabilities and is capable of multiple simultaneous engagements in complex scenarios.[v]The Barak MX variant will also be capable of providing tailored air defense at short-, medium-, and long-ranges.[vi]


 October 24, 2018: Israel’s IAI announced it would supply the Indian Navy with Barak 8 systems.[vii]

June 12, 2018: IAI unveiled the Barak MX.[viii]

2017: The Indian Army signs a contract for the MRSAM.[ix]

June 30, 2016: Test of the Indian Air Force MRSAM.[x]

June 2009: IAI announced the development of the MRSAM.[xi]

2007: Initial Operational Capability of the Barak 8 system.[xii]

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