Grom Missile System

Quick Facts

Variants Piorun
Role and Mobility Man-Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS); Man-Portable
Interceptors and Range

Grom Missile (650 m/s speed); 5.5 km range

Piorun Missile (660 m/s speed); 6 km range


Infrared-Guidance with a dual-band seeker

Day/Night optical sight (Piorun only)

Targets Low-Flying Helicopters, Aircraft, Small Aerial Targets (Piorun only)
Status/Exports Operational; Poland, Georgia, Indonesia, and Lithuania
Designer/Producer Mesko


The Grom is a man-portable air defense (MANPAD) system developed for the Polish Army as a SA-7 Grail replacement, after Poland left the Soviet bloc and was left with no modern MANPAD systems. The system consists of the missile, a single-use launcher, a starting mechanism, and an on-ground power supply.[i]The Grom uses an infrared homing system with a dual-band seeker and can also be equipped with an Identification Friend-or-Foe device or a thermal imaging sight.[ii]

The only variant of the Grom is the Piorun MANPADS. The Piorun is a modern version of the system with multiple changes. These include: a day/night optical sight added to the tube launcher, a new missile with an increased range and a proximity fuse to make it more effective against small aerial targets, and a new control system.[iii]The control system is a mini keyboard next to the trigger that can be used to select types of targets, environments, and work modes.[iv]

Strategic Implications

The Grom provided Poland with a then-modern MANPADS for its short-range air defense capability. As a MANPADS it is highly mobile and simple for the one-man crew to operate. Its infrared guidance makes it more difficult to jam, and the other optional components increase its effectiveness. The recently developed Piorun variant is even more capable than the original Grom system against a greater number of target types.


December 2016: Poland’s Defence Ministry signs a contract with Mesko for 1,300 Piorun missiles and 420 launchers[v]

September 2015: The Piorun is first presented at the MSPO 2015 International Defense Exhibition[vi]

2014: Lithuania signed a 34 million Euro contract for Grom systems at the MSPO 2014 International Defense Exhibition in Poland[vii]

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