The Rear Admiral Kathleen K. Paige Military Fellowship

The Rear Admiral Kate Paige Military Fellowship is open to veterans and current members of the United States Armed Forces who exemplify the exceptional characteristics of its namesake. RADM Paige Military Fellows work on the MDAA staff to advance our mission of educating the American public about missile defense. This fellowship provides service members an opportunity to apply the skills they have acquired in the military to advancing advocacy efforts on a key national security issue.

The position is named in honor of Rear Admiral Kathleen K. Paige, MDA’s first Ballistic Missile Defense System Technical Director, the principal advisor to the MDA Director on all matters related to the planning and technical performance of the BMDS; Program Director, Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense, where she responded to the National Security Presidential Directive of December 2002 by delivering the first operationally authorized Ballistic Missile Defense capability, contributing to the defense of the homeland, in under two years; and Director, Mission Readiness, where she led the introduction of system disciplines and processes needed for predictable, repeatable missile flight test success. These last two positions resulted in four straight successful flight tests, between Aegis BMD and Ground-based Midcourse Defense Program. RADM Paige was an exceptional leader in the field of missile defense.

Ideal RADM Kate Paige Military Fellowship candidates:

  • Are active duty or veteran of any branch of the United States Armed Services
  • Have demonstrated interest in missile defense, foreign affairs or defense policy
  • Have demonstrated research and writing ability