An F-15E Strike Eagle assigned to the 492nd Fighter Squadron flies over Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England, May 10. (U.S. Air Force photo/ Tech. Sgt. Matthew Plew)

McDonnell Douglas F-15EX

RoleFighter aircraft, air to air missile defense
TargetsAircrafts, Cruise Missiles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
OperatorsUnited State Air Force
Range~1,200 nm
SensorsAPG-82(V)1 active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar 
StatusUndergoing developmental and operational testing, expected delivery date in 2023
ProducerBoeing, with Raytheon Intelligence & Space (RI&S) to supply the APG-82(V)1 AESA radar


The F-15EX is equipped with three complimentary weapons systems that work together to maximize the F-15 EX’s effectiveness. It has a carrying capacity of 22 air-to-air missiles which includes: shorter-range air-to-air AIM-9X Sidewinder that uses infrared to engage with a target; up to 12 AMRAAM missiles which give the EX the ability to detect, target, and engage enemy aircraft at greater distances; and, the Stormbreaker smart weapon that can strike a target at up to 45 miles away regardless of adverse weather conditions. Included in this as a proven capability to defeat drone and missile threats. Additionally, in strike role, the “Eagle II” carries the full inventory of current air to ground weapons, and has the capability to carry future hypersonic weapons. Nicknamed “Eagle II”, the F-15 EX has the capability to carry hypersonic weapons and proven capability to defeat drone and missile threats [i].

Current Developments

The United States Air Force placed an order for the first eight F-15EXs as of July 2020, with delivery set for 2023. They will be flown at Eglin Air Force Base to undergo operational testing. Upon completion of all necessary testing, the first fleet will be sent to Kingsley Field and Portland Air National Guard Base in Oregon[ii].

Strategic Implications

The F-15EX will phase out the aging F-15 C/D models currently used in multiple Air National Guard units, with some united approaching 40 years in service. The multiple weapon systems used on the F-15EX will enhance the current F-15 mission used in homeland defense.


  • February 2019: Gen David Goldfein signs F-15EX Rapid Fielding Requirement Document to address the aging F-15 fleet [iii].
  • July 2020: United States Air Force Awards Boeing $1.2 billon to build the first fleet of eight F-15EX [iv].
  • February 2021: F-15EX completed its first initial flight in St. Louis[v].
  • March 2021: Air Force officially accepts and receives first F-15EX [vi]


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