- , June 4, 2018

Quick Facts

Role and Mobility Long-Range Air Surveillance, Early Warning; Fixed and Road-mobile
Frequency L-Band
Range 470 km
Air Defense Interceptor Systems N/A
Targets Theater Ballistic Missiles, Manned and unmanned aircraft, cruise missiles
Status/Exports In production; None
Producer Lockheed Martin


The TPY-X radar was developed to include all the mission capabilities Lockheed’s ground-based air surveillance radars. It is a long-range, multi-mission radar system with enhanced capabilities to help address emerging threats.[i] Operating in the L-Band, TPY-X is designed to detect next generation threats, rapidly adapt to new missions, and provide early warning of incoming theater ballistic missiles.[ii] TPY-X is easily scalable and will be available in both fixed and highly mobile variants.

Strategic Implications

TPY-X will be strategically valuable because it maximizes flexibility and mission capability. It is easily scalable and rapidly deployable, making it valuable to US missile defense in rapidly changing geopolitical landscapes. Its highly mobile variant provides the US and its allies a quick and cost-effective extra layer of assured defense at a moment’s notice. Another advantage is that its flexible architecture also provides the capacity for future growth and adaptation to evolving requirements and missions.[iii]


August 2016: Lockheed Martin showcased its new TPY-X radar at the Space and Missile Defense Symposium in Huntsville Alabama[iv]

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