Allied Air Defense Sensor Systems

Air Defense Sensor System Country Wavelength Targets
S1850M France, Italy, and United Kingdom L-Band Aircraft, Ballistic Missiles, and Stealth Targets
European Multi-Function Phased Array Radar (EMPAR) Italy and France C-Band Aircraft and Missiles
Preparatory System for IR Early Warning (SPIRALE) France S/X-Band Ballistic Missiles
VERA S/M Czech Republic Wide Band (1.0 to 18 GHz) Military ‘Invisible’ Aircraft
Active Phased Array Multi-Function Radar (APAR)  Denmark X-Band Supersonic High-Drivers, Supersonic Sea Skimmers, and Stealth Targets
CEROS 200 Fire Control System (FCS) Sweden Ku-Band Advanced Sea Skimming Missiles and Asymmetric Surface Threats
Signaal Multi-Beam Acquisition Radar for Tracking L-Band (SMART-L) Netherlands L-Band Military Patrol Aircraft, Stealth Missiles, and Ballistic Missiles
Signaal Multi-Beam Acquisition Radar for Tracking S-Band (SMART-S) Netherlands S-Band Small High-Speed Anti-Ship Missiles, Sea Skimming Missiles, Stealth Missiles, Helicopters, and UAVs
KALKAN Air Defense Radar Turkey X-Band Helicopters, Hovering Helicopters, Cruise Missiles, and UAVs
3D Lanza Spain L-Band Theater Ballistic Missiles
SAMPSON Radar United Kingdom S-Band Sea Skimming Missiles, Stealth Missiles, and Ballistic Missiles
Giraffe Radar Australia C-Band Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar Rounds
ELM-2090S Spectra Israel S-Band Ballistic Missiles, Air Breathing Targets, and Satellites
ELM-2090 Terra Israel S/UHF-Band Ballistic Missiles, Satellites, Air Breathing Targets, and Low Radar-Cross-Section (RCS) Class Stealth Targets
ELM-2090U Ultra Israel UHF-Band Small-Target Detection at Long Ranges, Air Defense, and Early Warning and Detection
ELM-2106 ATAR Israel L-Band Low Velocity Targets, Ultra-Light Targets, Helicopters, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Fighter Aircraft


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