KALKAN Air Defense Radar

- , June 1, 2018

Quick Facts

Role and Mobility Low and Medium Air Defense; Road-mobile
Frequency X-Band
Range 100 km
Air Defense Interceptor Systems Air Defense Early Warning and Command Control System (HERIKKS), Medium Altitude Air Defense Missile System (HISAR-O)
Targets Helicopters, Hovering Helicopters, Cruise Missiles, and UAVs
Status/Exports Operational; None
Producer ASELSAN



The KALKAN, Turkish for shield, air defense radar is a three-dimensional radar system used for low and medium range air defense mission operations.[i] More specifically, it is a mobile X-band phased array 3D search and track radar for point and area defense of critical military and civilian assets, offering a range of 100 km. It can also track multiple targets accurately, adding classification and identification information to each target attack.[ii] Currently, the KALKAN radar is used as the main radar of the Turkish Armed Forces’ mobile Air Defense Early Warning and Command Control System (HERIKKS) and Medium Altitude Air Defense Missile System (HISAR-O).[iii]

Strategic Implications

Strategically, the KALKAN radar is compact and easy-to-use, allowing it to be placed wherever it is needed. Since it can be remote controlled, it can be placed in more dangerous areas and operated from a more secure location.[iv] In the field, it offers simultaneous tracking of multiple air targets, automatic target classification, identification of friendly fire, and remote operation.[v] These capabilities offer Turkey a strategic advantage in the Middle East for detecting incoming threats, tracking threats to intercept them, and identifying friendly targets.


May 2017: ASELSAN introduced a new version of the KALKAN radar, called the KALKAN II by exhibiting it at IDEF.

December 2009: The Turkish National Defense Ministry and ASELSAN struck a deal worth $71 million for the purchase of the KALKAN air defense radar.[vi]

Recent News

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