Giraffe Agile Multi Beam Radar

- , August 17, 2018

Quick Facts

Role and Mobility Air/Surface Surveillance and Tracking, Early Warning, and Target Identification; Road- and Ship-Mobile
Frequency C-Band
Range 470 km
Air Defense Interceptor Systems RBS 70 and Sky Sabre
Targets Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar Rounds
Status/Exports Operational; Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Malaysia, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States, and Venezuela
Producer Saab Bofors Dynamics


The Giraffe Agile Multi Beam (AMB) is a true three-dimensional search radar, designed to specifically operate with short- and medium-range surface to air missile systems.[i] It combines its surveillance radar with its Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3) functionality to provide forces with a swift understanding of the air situation, enabling immediate and effective responses to changing threats, new tactics, and shifting operational conditions. As a ‘true’ 3D search radar, the Giraffe AMB is able to cover the entire search volume every second.[ii] The system can monitor for air targets and simultaneously locate and warn against incoming rocket, artillery, and mortar rounds. It can also provide countries with coastal surveillance.[iii]

Strategic Implications

The Giraffe radar is strategically invaluable because it is designed to detect low-altitude, low cross section aircraft in conditions of severe clutter and electronic countermeasures. This means that it can succeed in combat environments and its chances of being countered are slimmer.[iv] Another asset that the Giraffe radar offers countries, is its ability to rapidly report and process real-time information to protect against threats from the air. As stated above the Giraffe radar has the unique ability to cover the entire search volume every second and simultaneously locate and warn operators against incoming rocket, artillery, and mortar rounds.[v] This capability would be invaluable in places like Israel and Gaza where the launching of rocket, artillery, and mortar rounds are common.


June 2018: United Kingdom takes delivery of 10th Giraffe AMB radar[vi]

May 2018: Philippine Navy to receive Saab’s Sea Giraffe AMB radar[vii]

October 2016: French Ministry of Defense orders Giraffe AMB spare parts and support[viii]

August 2016: Australian Army enhances its RBS 70 and Giraffe AMB air defense capabilities[ix]

September 2015: Giraffe AMB radar demonstrates capability to detect low flying, slow, and small targets[x]

August 2015: Britain orders Giraffe air defense radars for the Falkland Islands[xi]

1977: The first systems were produced.

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