ELM-2090S Spectra

- , November 1, 2018

Quick Facts

Role and Mobility Early Detection, Search and Track: Road- and Ship-Mobile
Frequency S-Band
Range Very Long
Air Defense Interceptor Systems Any Legacy Air and Missile Defense Systems
Targets Ballistic Missiles, Air Breathing Targets, and Satellites
Status/Exports Operational; None
Producer Israel Aerospace Industries


The ELM-2090S Spectra is an Israeli Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) air defense radar that operates in the S-Band to autonomously detect and simultaneously track ballistic missiles, air breathing targets, and satellites at very long ranges.[i] It can be configured to work on land or on ship-based operations. The radar is transportable and designed to operate under extreme weather conditions. It also has protections to work in an intense electromagnetic environment.[ii]

Strategic Implications

The Spectra offers Israeli a highly accurate search and track radar that can defend against electronic countermeasures and work in highly contested environments. As Israel is located in a highly contested environment, the Spectra is strategically valuable because it provides reliable early detection of air threats, giving Israel enough time to respond. The Spectra is also interoperable with legacy air and missile defense systems allowing for a quick response.[iii]


November 2015: Israel Aerospace Industries unveiled the ELM-2090S Spectra radar[iv]

Recent News

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