Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC)


Situated at Joint Base Bolling-Anacostia, sits one the most unique, one of its kind Command and Control (C2) system used for homeland defense. The National Capital Region Integrated Air Defense Mission (NCR-IADs) holds the responsibility of defending the Washington DC airspace from hostile aerial threats by combining air to air and ground to air missile defense assets. With its central C2 system, the Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC), the NCR-IADs mission is a joint operation performed by personnel from the Army National Guard and Air National Guard[i] The JADOC is able to create a common operating picture by combining Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and FAA assets to include the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger Defense System, Sentinel radars, the Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile Systems, and F-16s. Data and information from those assets feeds into the JADOC where military leaders can properly evaluate threat assessment [ii].

Strategic Importance:

Following the after math of 9/11, the need to protect critical assets and cities within the homeland came to the forefront of political and military leaders. This prompted them to stand up Operation Noble Eagle, performing homeland defense missions through air to air and ground air defense, executed by Continental U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command Region (CONOR). The need for a C2 system in which all assets in operation can feed information into a central hub and generate a common operating picture where decisions can made to engage a potential threat led to the creation of the JADOC. The JADOC is a model C2 system that can be looked at to replicate when discussing how to protect other critical homeland assets and cities.


  • Track, and discriminate all aircrafts entering the DC airspace
  • Integrate radars and warning system from multiple branches and agencies
  • Integrate and coordinate with multiple launcher platforms
  • Creates a common operation and situational awareness picture
  • Central communication hub to connect multiple services and agencies

Current Development:

Hansom AFB is looking to upgrade and modernize the Enhanced Regional Situational Awareness System used in the NCR-IADs mission. The current ERSA System has been using laser warning systems that were originally fielded in 2002[iii].


September 11 2011: Operation Noble Eagle is activated to support homeland defense in response to the September 11th terrorist attack [iv]

September 2002: Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office fields and manages NCR-IADs [v]

February 2004: JADOC moves from operating from tents into a physical structure[vi]

January 2005: NASAMS is added to NCR-IADs mission[vii]

January 2005: NCR-IADs program is managed by Hansom AFB [viii]  

February 2014: JADOC moves into newly built 22,600 square foot two-level building at JBAB [ix]

November 2020: Plans for Phase II to the JADOC facility are proposed, adding another 27,000 square foot to the current site [ix]