Green Pine Radar (Israel)

Quick Facts

Mobility Ground-based/ transportable
Role Primary radar system for Israeli Arrow missile defense system; can discriminate between clutter and missile threats
Country of Origin Israel
Deployment At least two deployed in Israel, two in India, and two in South Korea
Frequency L-Band
Range 500 km (EL/M 2080); 900 km (EL/M 2080S)
Producer Elta/Israel Aerospace Industries


The Elta Green Pine early warning and fire control radar, designated EL/M 2080, is a vital part of the Arrow missile defense system. Green Pine was developed in Israel but has also been sold to and deployed in India and South Korea.[i]It operates at L-Band in the range of 500MHz – 1000MHz and can simultaneously search, detect, track and operate in missile guidance mode.[ii]It can track up to 30 targets traveling at 10,000 ft/s, and advanced tracking technology allows Green Pine to guide Arrow-2 interceptors within 4 m of the target—discriminating between decoys and true threats—before detonating their fragmentation warhead for intercept.[iii]

An upgraded version of the EL/M 2080 is called the EL/M 2080S or the “Super Green Pine.” The Super Green Pine is made up of smaller sensor modules that are more powerful than those used by its predecessor. The EL/M 2080S has an approximate range up to 900 km, compared to 500 km on the original EL/M 2080.

The Green Pine early warning and fire control radar has a proven success record of over 20 missile intercepts so far.[iv]It is currently deployed in Israel, India, and South Korea. The Green pine system currently works with the Arrow-1 and Arrow-2 interceptors. The Super Green Pine works with the latest Arrow system, Arrow-3 and can intercept targets traveling through Space.[v]


November 2018: South Korean announced it would procure additional Green Pine radars.[vi]

March 2017: The Israeli Defense Force intercepted an incoming missile with an Arrow-2 interceptor that was launched after the missile was detected a Super Green Radar.[vii]

February 2012: Israel had a successful test of the Super Green Pine radar with the Arrow system. This was the first tracking test for the ELM 2080S.

April 2008: Green Pine aided the Arrow system in targeting more advanced ballistic missiles. The Arrow successfully intercepted Rafael’s new target missile.

July 2004: The first Arrow 2 test against real missiles. The Green Pine aided the Arrow 2 in seeking and intercepting a Scud-B short-range ballistic missile.

2002: The first Green Pine Radar System was delivered to India.[viii] 

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