MDAA Awards Heroes of the Exercise: TOBRUQ LEGACY 2017

July 22, 2017

M.K. Air Base in Romania: The United States Army Europe led a coalition of ten NATO countries participating in one of the biggest land air and missile defense exercises of this century – Tobruq Legacy. This exercise fused together 22 different land based sensors, located in three large operating areas in Lithuania, Czech Republic and Romania in this exercise to provide the complete air picture to NATO for the efficiency and confidence of firing solutions. It also fused both ballistic missile defense with air defense in this regional exercise, with the intent that they are inseparable in the defense of national borders, forward operating areas, staging areas and critical high priority areas.

We were able to honor and recognize each of those ten nations in Romania, and their very best of the best air and missile defenders, bringing the team together in celebration of winning with the diversity and strength of ten countries in associating winners with winners.

Heroes of the Exercise

Romania – First Lieutenant Crivatu Ionut

Czech Republic – Specialist Stanislav Muzik

Lithuania – Major Ovidijus Pilitauskas – Lithuania

Great Britain – Bombardier Christopher Meir

Hungary – Sergeant Daniel Nyemcsek

Latvia – First Lieutenant Gints Rasa-Gravitis

Poland – Major Pawel Zborowski

Slovakia – Sergeant Marcel Richnavsky

Slovenia – Staff Sergeant Ales Zver

United States – Sergeant Melissa Garrison

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