Arizona Reception of Champions 2017

On behalf of our efforts to make the world a safer place through the deployment and development of missile defense, we were honored to recognize our best missile defenders and champions of the year from Arizona that contribute to the world on making the world and our nation a safer place at our 3rd Annual Arizona Reception of Champions on Friday, December 15, 2017. READ MORE: MDAA Alert Arizona Engineered

We were honored to have the following speak and recognize the champions of the year from Arizona:

  • Congresswoman Martha McSally (2nd District of Arizona)
  • Lieutenant General Mark Kelly (Commander of Twelfth Air Force – AF Southern)
  • Rear Admiral Johnny Wolfe (Program Executive, Aegis BMD, MDA)
  • Riki Ellison (Founder and Chairman, Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance)


Our 2017 Arizona Missile Defenders and Champions of the Year


Missile Defenders of the Year – 12th Air Force

• Lt Col Mike Atchley, Air Battle Manager
• Lt Col Andrew Hull, Air Battle Manager
• Maj Kelsey Finley, Air Battle Manager
• MSgt Anthony Moore, Weapons and Missile Maintainer
• TSgt Heather Allen, Command and Control Battle Management Operations

Champions of the Year – Raytheon and Orbital ATK 

• Cesar Sanchez (Raytheon)
• Andy Dolphin (Raytheon)
• Lew Ivy (Raytheon)
• Bill Patterson (Raytheon)
• Russ Altoff (Raytheon)
• Jason Rubion (Raytheon)
• Julie Concilio (Raytheon)
• Brian Cline (Raytheon)
• Roya Montakhab (Raytheon)
• Andy O’Connor (Raytheon)
• David Drake (Raytheon)
• Ms. Amy Peters (Orbital ATK)