Trump’s Korea Nuclear Deal Could Change the Focus Of U.S. Missile Defense

June 12, 2018


Analysts are right to be skeptical about the commitment to denuclearization that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has apparently made in his Singapore summit with President Trump. The North has made similar statements in the past that did not slow its development of nuclear weapons, and possession of such weapons is Pyongyang’s main source of leverage in international relations.

But what if the North really did denuclearize? Kim has no doubt figured out that if the threat of a nuclear attack against America was definitively foreclosed, the case for a U.S. military presence in and around the peninsula would be diminished. President Trump has already decided to forego the next round of U.S. exercises with South Korea’s military, signaling how ready he is to rethink U.S. strategy if the North ceases to be a threat to the U.S. homeland.

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