Air Defense

July 14, 2022

Production-Standard Laser Air Defense Weapons To Equip Army This Year

The Drive: The U.S. Department of Defense is exploring a range of novel concepts and weapons systems as it attempts

July 12, 2022

First Laser Weapon For A Fighter Delivered To The Air Force

The Drive: The U.S. Air Force has received a high-energy laser weapon that can be carried by aircraft in podded

July 8, 2022

Poland receives modern British Sky Sabre air defense systems with CAMM missiles

gagadget: Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, new air defense complexes Sky Sabre were sent to Poland from Great Britain. According to

June 29, 2022

Congress has F-16 problems and Biden is one

Politico: Speaking to reporters about America’s enhanced force posture in Europe (more on that below), Assistant Secretary of Defense for

May 26, 2022

Austria to Trial Rheinmetall Counter-Drone System

The Defense Post: The Austrian defense ministry has awarded German defense company Rheinmetall a six-month test and evaluation contract for

May 24, 2022

Japan to Deploy 8 U.S. Drones in Kagoshima Pref. from July

Nippon: The Defense Ministry has conveyed to local governments its plan to temporarily deploy eight MQ-9 reconnaissance drones of the

May 17, 2022

New UAV Study Center Looks at Drones in a China Fight

Real Clear Defense: Unmanned aerial vehicles and autonomous aircraft may provide a solution to operating in heavily contested domains such

April 27, 2022

Germany sending ‘Gepard’ air-defense tanks to support Ukraine defense

Defense News: The German government will send Ukraine around 50 Gepard air-defense tanks to help that country repel Russian attacks,

December 6, 2021

New British air defence missile system enters service

ukdj. Sky Sabre has replaced Rapier. According to the Ministry of Defence, “unprecedented in speed, accuracy, performance and target acquisition, Sky

November 22, 2021

Italy has deployed SAMP/T air defense missile system in Kuwait

Army Recognition: The Italian armed forces have a battery of SAMP/T air defense missile system deployed in Kuwait in the framework of