Air Defense

December 6, 2021

New British air defence missile system enters service

ukdj. Sky Sabre has replaced Rapier. According to the Ministry of Defence, “unprecedented in speed, accuracy, performance and target acquisition, Sky

November 22, 2021

Italy has deployed SAMP/T air defense missile system in Kuwait

Army Recognition: The Italian armed forces have a battery of SAMP/T air defense missile system deployed in Kuwait in the framework of

October 28, 2021

263rd Army Air and Missile Defense Command outgoing commander address troops, says his farewell

Defense Visual Information Distribution Service: U.S. Army National Guard Soldiers with the 263rd Army and Air Missile Defense Command (AAMDC),

August 30, 2021

Military chief says Iran will see remarkable progress in air defense power

Tehran Times: “Due to increased cooperation that the General Staff (of the Armed Forces), Army, Guards, and Law Enforcement Forces

August 19, 2021

US and Canada want to collaborate on NORAD modernization

Defense News: Military leaders in Canada and the United States plan to work together to modernize the North American Aerospace

August 17, 2021

Stimulator of Bavar-373 air defense system to be unveiled

Mehr News Agency: “We made our efforts to improve the Armed Force’s electronic equipment to confront any little bird helicopters”, the commander of

August 13, 2021

Belarus begins air defense drills that will continue in Russia

Army Recognition: The Belarusian armed forces kicked off air defense tactical live-fire drills whose second stage will run jointly with

August 12, 2021

Israeli, American militaries tighten air-defense cooperation

Israel Hayom: Representatives from the US and Israeli Air Forces met last month to discuss a remarkable development that the

July 7, 2021

Israel’s IAI to Work With Lockheed Martin on Air Defense

The National Interest: Israel Aerospace Industries, one of Israel’s three major defense giants, signed a memorandum of understanding with Lockheed

June 28, 2021

How can Israel and the Gulf increase air defense cooperation?

The Jerusalem Post: Countries need better air-defense systems against drone and cruise-missile threats. This is particularly true in the Middle