Japan Launches Second Maya-Class Guided Missile Destroyer

July 18, 2019

The Diplomat:

Japanese shipbuilder Japan Marine United (JMU) Corporation launched the second of two improved Atago-class (aka Maya-class, 27DD- or 27DDG-class) guided missile destroyers on order for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) at its facility in Yokohama on July 17, JMU said in a statement.

The 8,200-ton Maya-class destroyer, christened Haguru (PN 179), will be the eighth JMSDF surface combatant fitted with the Aegis combat system. In detail, the destroyer will receive the Aegis Baseline J7 combat system and the Northrop Grumman AN/SPQ-9B radar system capable of detecting and tracking low-flying, supersonic, low observable anti-ship missiles. The Aegis Baseline J7 combat system is the Japanese equivalent to the U.S. Navy’s Baseline 9/BMD 5.1 standard Aegis combat system. As I explained in July 2018:

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