India Successfully Tested A Ballistic Missile, Pritvi-II

February 19, 2015

Pakistan Tribe:

ODISHA – Three weeks after the successful test-fire of Agni ballistic missile, India again steps toward nuclear war preparation as it experimented a ballistic missile with a strike range of 350 km and capable of carrying 500 kg to 1,000 kg of warheads.

India on Thursday successfully test-fired nuclear weapons capable, surface-to-surface Prithvi-II missile for a shortened range of 250 km as against its full range of 350 km from Chandipur in Balasore district, Odisha.

The indigenously-developed missile was launched by personnel of Strategic Forces Command (SFC) from a road mobile launcher at around 9.15 am. The missile after a flight duration of nearly seven minutes splashed down near the pre-designated target point in the Bay of Bengal with a high degree of accuracy, according to Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)missile scientists.

“ We have also test- flown two indigenously developed radar transponders for S band and C band in the missile and they were successfully validated”, said one of the scientists. He said the two transponders could be used for bigger missiles in future.

Three weeks ago, India had experimented India had tested a mobile launcher for the first time for a nuclear missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead. The missile tested was Agni V.

PM of India had said that it was a prized asset for Indian forces.

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