Yemeni rebels unveil new missile

October 30, 2018

Jane’s 360:

The Yemeni rebel group Ansar Allah (Houthis) unveiled a guided version of its Badr-1 artillery rocket on 28 October, potentially giving it a weapon system that can carry out precision strikes on Saudi Arabia.

The group released a video showing a spokesman holding a press conference while standing in front of the new Badr-1P. He said it was developed from the Badr-1, has a range of 150 km, and an accuracy of 3 m.

The presentation included footage of what was said to be a Badr-1P being launched against a disused military facility in a test and then on 27 October against a camp on Yemen’s Red Sea coast purportedly used by Sudanese troops serving with the Saudi-led coalition that the rebels are fighting. Both targets were seen being hit in aerial footage.

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