Will China’s development of land-based mid-course anti-missile technology change the nuclear situation in the Indo-Pacific?

June 24, 2022

VOA Chinese:

As the situation in the Indo-Pacific heated up, China conducted its sixth land-based midcourse anti-missile interception test. Some U.S. military experts believe that this technology may increase the credibility of China’s nuclear threat and deter the United States and its allies when they intervene in Taiwan’s defense. However, some experts pointed out that China’s development in this field is still quite slow, especially compared with US investment. China will face obstacles to successfully deploying an actual combat system by 2030.

On June 19, China successfully conducted a land-based mid-course anti-missile interception technology test within its territory, and the test achieved the expected purpose. China’s Defense Ministry said the test was defensive and not aimed at any country…

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