Satellite images reveal Chinese expansion of submarine base

September 23, 2022

Defense News:

China is expanding its submarine base on the edge of the South China Sea, with satellite photos showing it’s building two new piers.

The imagery of the Yulin naval base on the southern tip of China’s Hainan Island taken by Maxar Technologies on July 31 and published on Google Earth show the structure for two new piers under construction, adding to the four existing piers at the site.

The new piers are being built to the north and south of the existing piers, connected to what appears to be newly reclaimed land. A dredger is seen on the satellite imagery adjacent to the new northern pier.

This measures 573 feet long and 67 feet wide, according to Google Earth’s measuring tool, while the southern pier measures 780 feet long and is of a similar width to its northern counterpart.

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