Russia’s Iskander-M tactical missiles to carry various types of warheads

February 6, 2019


MOSCOW, February 5. /TASS/. Russia’s Iskander-M tactical missile systems will be upgraded to get new missiles with various warheads and will be capable of operating as part of the reconnaissance and fire network, says an article published in the thematic bulletin, “2018 Missile and Artillery Technical Provision for the Russian Armed Forces,” on Tuesday.

“The Iskander-M tactical missile system will be further developed in the following major areas: expanding the inventory of missiles with various types of warheads and increasing the missile system’s combat capabilities, creating precision missiles with high combat efficiency,” says the article written by the staff of the Russian Defense Ministry’s 3rd Central Research Institute and published in the thematic bulletin

The article notes the need to provide for the missile system’s use “both in the de-centralized mode and as part of the reconnaissance and fire network.”

In general, there are plans to considerably improve the Iskander-M’s performance characteristics to enable it to operate in any weather conditions and reliably breach any advanced missile defense systems, the article says.

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