Russian Navy arms its MiG-31 fighters with Kh-47M hypersonic missiles

January 11, 2021

Defence Blog:


The decades-old Mikoyan MiG-31 fighter jet of the Russian Naval Aviation will be armed with Kh-47M Kinzhal (dagger) hypersonic missiles, news agency Izvestiya reported.

According to the report, the 98th mixed regiment, as part of the Northern Fleet on the Kola Peninsula and the 317th Pacific Regiment in Kamchatkawil, will receive the new version of Long-range MiG-31 fighters with K index that will be armed with Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

The Kinzhal is the latest Russian air-launched system that consists of a MiG-31K combat aircraft as a delivery vehicle and a Kh-47M hypersonic missile. Russian state media reported that the Kinzhal missile is the airborne version of the Iskander tactical missile system…


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