Russian Military Confirms Testing of Stealth Missiles During Large-Scale Drills

September 14, 2018

Sputnik International:

The Russian military has deployed special missile imitators using stealth technology and emulating advanced enemy missiles to test the capabilities of the 76th Air Defense Division in drilling in Buryatia, Siberia this week, division commander Colonel Sergei Tikhonov has said.

According to the officer, in the simulated massed enemy missile attack, senior command complicated the drills by deploying special training copies of low-flying enemy cruise missiles, ballistic missile imitators and rockets emulating stealth technology.

“During the drills, special missile target simulators with very low radar visibility were used which, to put it another way, are fitted with stealth technology. These target missiles are superior to all known foreign analogues of existing missiles,” Tikhonov told Zvezda, the Russian Defense Ministry’s official newspaper.

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