Russian Cruise Missile Spins Out Of Control Before Crashing Into Sea Near Launching Destroyer

April 30, 2021

The Drive:

A video has emerged showing a test launch of a Kalibr cruise missile from a Russian Navy Project 1155 Udaloy class destroyer going spectacularly wrong. The footage shows the weapon, which has been newly introduced to the warship, the Marshal Shaposhnikov, cartwheeling uncontrollably soon after launch. It then crashes into the sea, where it continues to burn, not far from the ship, leaving a boiling whirlpool behind it.

While it bears the hallmarks of an official video, it was apparently leaked on the Russian Telegram social media network and was later posted to YouTube. Exactly when it was filmed is unclear, but Marshal Shaposhnikov recently rejoined the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet after receiving upgrades as part of a larger overhaul. Having returned to sea for post-refit trials last July, it conducted live-fire Kalibr tests from its newly installed vertical launch system earlier this month. Footage of a successful launch appeared on the Russian Ministry of Defense’s official news channel, Zvezda, on April 27. Both clips show similarities that suggest they could be from the same event…

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