Russia Test Fires Topol Ballistic Missile

August 25, 2015

Space Daily:

Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces on Saturday launched a Topol intercontinental ballistic missile to test its advanced components and technical characteristics, the forces’ press service said.

The RS-12M Topol (NATO reporting name SS-25 Sickle) is a single-warhead intercontinental ballistic missile that has a maximum range of 10,000 kilometers (6,125 miles) and can carry a nuclear warhead with a yield of up to 550 kilotons.

The launch of the RS-12M Topol missile was carried out from the Kapustin Yar testing range in southern Russia’s Astrakhan Region, according to the statement.

“The simulated warhead hit a designated target at the Sary-Shagan test range [in Kazakhstan] with pre-programmed precision,” the press service said.

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