Russia announces multiple missiles towards Bear Gap as US Air Force bombers deploy to Norway for first time

February 22, 2021

The Independent Barents Observer:


“Impact area for Russian missiles,” reads a short notice to airmen (NOTAM) for the danger area activated north of mainland Norway. The warning is set for the period February 18 to 24.

The timing is likely not a coincidence. Within the next week, four US Air Force B-1 strategic bombers are anticipated to arrive at Ørland Air Base in southern Norway in a first-ever deployment to the country. According to the Dutch aviation news Scramble the date of arrival is said to be somewhere late in week 7 or early in week 8.

A support team of 200 American soldiers has already arrived at the Air Base, preparing to serve the B-1 bombers.

“Given the timing and location of the Russian missile test, and the anticipated arrival of the US B1 bombers, the missile exercise may well be intended to serve a signaling purpose,” said Senior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI), Kristian Åtland to the Barents Observer


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