North Korea Tests New Anti-Ship Missile

February 9, 2015

Voice of America:

North Korea has tested a new anti-ship cruise missile that can hit targets with “ultra-precision,” according to a state media report issued Saturday.

The test comes before planned joint military drills by South Korea and the United States, which North Korea has criticized.

North Korean state media did not give the date or location of the missile test, which it said was monitored by leader Kim Jong Un.

“Respected comrade Kim Jong Un watched a test-firing of new type of anti-ship rocket to be equipped at Korean People’s Army naval units,” the state-run KRT television report said.

Experts interviewed by news agencies said the cruise missile appears similar to a weapon built by Russia, which is capable skimming just a few meters above the sea and flying very quickly.

North Korea is under increasing pressure from international sanctions related to its nuclear and missile programs.

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