North Korea Claims It Successfully Tested A New ‘Hypersonic Gliding Warhead’

January 6, 2022


North Korea has posted an image of what it says was a test of a hypersonic boost-glide vehicle that occurred yesterday. North Korea had claimed to have first tested a hypersonic boost-glide vehicle last September, and it showed off what appeared to be the same weapon, dubbed the Hwasong-8, at an elaborate arms expo that took place in Pyongyang last October. This latest test is of another new missile that was displayed at that show for the first time and that North Korean officials say has a different glide vehicle design. All of this underscores that Kim Jong Un’s regime appears to be seriously intent on developing a hypersonic weapon capability.

Speculation that the latest North Korean test launch was of a hypersonic weapon system came shortly after news came that it occurred. The location of its origin and target area were similar to those observed in the September test…

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