New reports highlight Russian, Chinese advances in space weapons

April 5, 2021



Russia over the past year has stepped up threats against satellites in orbit, a trend that is not likely to slow down. China, meanwhile, continues to display advances in space capabilities including the launch of an experimental spaceplane that may have deployed at least one small satellite on orbit.

These are findings from new reports by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and the Secure World Foundation (SWF) released April 1.

CSIS’ Space Threat Assessment and SWF’s Global Counterspace Capabilities are updated annually with open source information. They highlight global developments in anti-satellite weapons.

The most significant change from a year ago has been Russia’s more aggressive behavior, said CSIS.

“Russia was the most active in testing anti-satellite weapons over the past year, including tests of a space-based weapon that appears to be capable of firing projectiles at other satellites,” said the Space Threat Assessment…


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