New “hypersonic missile technology” college created at North Korea’s national defense university

April 7, 2021

Daily NK:

North Korea recently established a new college focused on “hypersonic missile technology” at the Kim Jong Un National Defense University ahead of the start of the academic year on Apr. 1. The university acts as a training ground for North Korean defense-related science and technology specialists.

The establishment of a hypersonic missile-related college at the university follows a Jan. 3 order to establish related research facilities at the Academy of Sciences. North Korean authorities appear to be making efforts to foster more specialists who will fulfill and lead efforts to “prepare for [missile] tests.” Kim Jong Un affirmed the importance of this objective during the Eighth Party Congress in January.

It is virtually impossible for current missile defense systems to intercept hypersonic missiles, which can now travel at Mach 5 (6,120 km/h, or five times faster than the speed of sound). Kim Jong Un’s order to establish the new college of hypersonic missiles shows his determination to develop a diversified national defense program of various weapons spearheaded by the nuclear weapons program.

A military source told Daily NK on Mar. 31 that the Central Committee sent instructions to create the new college to Kim Jong Un National Defense University on Mar. 16. The university completed all preparations for the establishment of the college by Mar. 30…

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