MAKS 2019: Stealthy Chinese Target, and Iranian Cruise Missile

September 6, 2019


Chinese companies Xian CCKW and the Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU) have jointly developed the LJ-I stealthy target drone, with an aerodynamic layout and maneuvering qualities reminiscent of fourth-generation fighters. The product was on display inside China’s national pavilion and was making its international show debut at MAKS 2019.

The LJ-I is intended to simulate a hostile aircraft or air-launched munitions for missile and gunnery practice in various “battlefield complexities” conditions, as the developers put it. Measuring 4.74 meters (about 16 feet) in length, the air vehicle has a radar cross-section (RCS) in the X-band below 0.02 square meters (0.215 square feet), making it a difficult target to detect and track.

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