Kim drops tactical nuke gauntlet on Biden

January 11, 2021

Asia Times:


In a startling disclosure, North Korea’s leader has posed a massive new set of security challenges to the Joe Biden administration as it prepares to enter the White House.

The country aims to bolster its deterrence via qualitative upgrades to its army and its command and control capabilities, and is adding tactical nukes to its massive conventional artillery forces, state leader Kim Jong Un said over the weekend.

On the strategic front, it is increasing the range and sophistication of its nuclear delivery systems, and completing a “super-large hydrogen bomb,” Kim said.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s failed diplomacy with North Korea, expectations for any Pyongyang-Washington breakthrough remain low, but the stakes are now higher than ever before. And Kim – who has successfully tested ballistic missiles and nuclear devices – looks set on providing his military with new assets…


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