Is Russia Now Firing Denuclearized Cruise Missiles At Ukraine?

November 21, 2022

The Drive:

Russia has launched a Kh-55 cruise missile against Ukraine with its normal nuclear warhead removed, according to a report from a Ukrainian news outlet. The claim, which is yet to be independently verified, is nonetheless plausible and, although the evidence available is so far inconclusive, it would be in keeping with Russia employing older cruise missiles as its stocks of more modern weapons continue to be depleted.

The story appears to have originated from the Ukrainian Defense Express website but has since spread widely. The original report describes events from yesterday, November 17, during which Russia launched cruise missiles as well as ‘kamikaze’ drones against Ukrainian targets, including in Kyiv. Citing “open sources,” the report states that, as of 10:40 AM yesterday, Ukrainian air defenses had shot down at least two cruise missiles and at least four drones.

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